characterstics of business enterprenurship

Concept of business Entrepreneurship

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In this article we will study the Concept of business Entrepreneurship its characteristics. Also we will discuss about Importance of Entrepreneurship and How the process of entrepreneurship works. Concept of business Entrepreneurship : The word ‘Entrepreneur′ derived from French verb  ‘entreprendre’  which means to ‘undertake′ . Entrepreneurship is a process of designing or running of […]

business management concepts

Concept of Management -Meaning ,Definition,Features, Objectives and Importance

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In this article we will discuss about Concept of Management -Meaning ,Definition,Features, Objectives and Importance. Meaning of Management   Management is a process of an organisation in which things has been done in proper manner with the objective of achieving organisational goal. It is also known as internal environment of an organisation where individuals working in […]