Planning Process and Steps involved in it

In this article we will discuss about Planning process and  various steps of planning process. Planning Process and Steps involved in it. All organisations whether it is government, private or small business but it required process of  planning. For achievement of goal they decide what,how and when to do they do planning.Also study that why planning is required in an organisations.

Steps of planning process :

 *     Setting up of the objectives.
 *         Develop Premises.
 *   Listing the various alternatives          for achieving the objectives.
*     Evaluation of different                           alternatives
*     Selecting an alternative.
*      Implement the plan.
*      Follow-up.



    1. Setting up of the Objectives – In planning, the manager begin  with the setting up of objectives because all the policies, procedures, methods are framed for achievement of  organisational objectives only.


    1. Developing Premises –  Premises refers to making assumptions regarding future and it is based on plans which are made for achievement of organisational goal.


    1. Listing the various alternatives for achieving the objectives –  After setting up of objectives the manager make list of alternatives through which organisational goals achieved and there are several ways to achieving objectives and manager must know  all the way to reach the objectives.


    1. Evaluation of different alternatives – After listing various alternatives, the manager of the company  starts evaluating each and every alternative and notes down its positive and negative  aspects.


    1. Selecting an Alternative – In business process , after evaluation of different alternatives  the manager has to select one best alternative, which is beneficial for organisation and help them to achieve their goals.


    1. Implement the Plan – After selecting an alternative, the manager has to implement the plan and start its working. The manager start communication the plan with employees because employees have to carry activities according to plan.


  1. Follow-up – Planning is a continuous process the managers job does not get over putting plan into action. After implementing plan the the manager as well as employees of the company can follow it.

At last  we can say that , Planning is necessary to an organisations and it helps them that how effectively they reach to organisational goal.

So we have studied Planning process and  various steps of planning process. If you have any queries , please let us know in the comments section.


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