Concept of Management: As an Art, Science and As a Profession

In this article we will discuss the concept of management as an Art, as Science and As Profession because many of the authors said that management is a science because it is well tested, some said it is an art because more practices are required and some said management as a profession because it provides platform of employees and its motive is to provide services.

    So we will briefly study about management as an Art, Science and Profession with its distinguishing features. 

Concept of Management : As an Art, Science and As a Profession

Management as a Science

Management as a Science is a systematic body of knowledge and which is based on systematically observations and experiments. It depends on concept and principles based on facts and events. In science experiments done through observations and experiments. Many of the techniques are used for right decisions and experiments are verified.

Characteristics or features of Science


  1. Systematic body of knowledge

Science is a systematic body of knowledge and all the process is done accordingly and it has systematic body and knowledge also available.


  1. Based on experiments

Science is a body of knowledge and its required systematic process.  It is based on experiments and experiments are done properly. Management also test and experiments principals of science in different organization.


  1. Replication is possible

Experiments in science are not for single time it will be repeated many times. When two scientists are undertaking same experiments then replications is possible.


  1. Continuous process

Science is a systematic body of knowledge and depends on concept and principles on facts and events. It is a continuous process and takes some time for result.


  1. Test of management theory

In science experiments are depends on facts and events and it tests management theory. It helps in process of experiment.


  1. Universal validity

Scientific principles have universal application and validity. Management principles are not exact like scientific principles so their application and use is not universal. They have to be modified according to the given situation. So this feature of science is not present in management.


  1. Observations are required

In science when experiments are taken by some organization it required observations  to get clear result.

Management as an Art

Management as an art refers to systematic body of knowledge which required skills, Creativity, Knowledge and it can be done through others. Concept of Management includes many activities like planning, organizing, staffing, directing which required skills and well developed creativity.


Characteristics or features of Art


  1. Personalized knowledge

In art theoretical knowledge is not enough and it required personalized knowledge of person and their personal skills and creativity.


  1. Systematic body of knowledge

Art is a systematic body of knowledge which required person’s skills and creativity to perform work. And in art works has been done through others.


  1. Based on practices and creativity

Art is a systematic body of knowledge which is based on practices and creativity and it helps in better performance.


Management as a Profession

Profession refers to get occupation by rendering services to others. It means a systemic body of knowledge which required skills and specialized knowledge. The entry of person is restricted because they are selected through process of organization and it depends on personalized knowledge and contains some efforts and consumes time.

Characteristics or Features of Profession


  1. Service motive

In profession persons are selected with their organizational process and their their main motive is to rendering services to other person.


  1. Time consuming

In process of profession, it consuming more time because each and every organization have their own process on selection of person for best occupation.


  1. Long process

In organization the process of occupying person is long because it contains different stages and methods to occupy best person.


  1. Well defined body of knowledge

In every profession there is practice of systematic body of knowledge which helps the professionals to gain specialized knowledge of that profession. In case of management also there is availability of systematic body of knowledge.


  1. Restricted entries

In profession there are restricted entries and they selected best person from all and person with developed mind. And entries are restricted through qualification or degree.

So we have studied Concept of Management: As an Art, Science and As a Profession and if you have any query please let us know in the comments section below.



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