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Various Job opportunities available in HR Domain

In this article we will discuss about Meaning of Human Resource Management and  Various Job opportunities available in HR Domain.


Human Resource Management is a process in which people are managed effectively in organization so that organization get more in return. It is a process in which individual and organization come together so that goals of individuals as well as of organization met together. This process is concern with the management of people in organization and people are the important element which differentiate the organization from others. People in organization are more precious element because the value provided by human couldn’t provided by other resource.

Jobs in HRM

HR profession contribute to organization success by management of human capital, but the profession itself continue to increase its stature by providing career opportunities, effectively management of people and by providing competitive market place. HR is a key component of organization by conducting interviews, enplaning companies benefits, providing advice related to career development, etc. There are two type of career path in HR that is generalist and specialist.

To decide whether to go more generalist or specialist not only depends upon personal preferences, but also depends upon nature and size of organization.

The Generalist

HR generalist have various responsibilities in organization like staffing, training and development of employees at all levels, management of diversifies workforce, developing policies and procedure, etc.

Entry-level position in generalist titled as human resource or personnel assistance and also support different works in departments of organization.  For example HR business partner, HR generalist, HR branch manager,etc.

The Specialist

Larger organization have many departments where they need specialist to work with technical knowledge and skilled Human resource. Specialist branch have five common areas and entry level positions are also described under:

A). Workforce Planning and Employment:  the entry-level position in workforce planning and employment called as interviewer or recruiter. Their major work is to invite applicant to apply for vacant job position. The work of interviewer and recruiter in organization is to implement recruiting strategy, interviewing applicant, administering pre-employment tests, processing transfer, promotions and terminations.

Job Titles with Example are Chief talent manager or officer, recruitment and retention specialist or manager, staffing specialist or manager.

B). HR Development: The entry level in HR development are training or orientation or on-board specialist. Their work is to conduct training session, on job or off job training programs, etc.these training are may be given for specialist field such as sales techniques or safety programs. For Example With job title in this specialized area are trainer, employee development specialist or manager, organizational development specialist etc.

C). Total Rewards: The entry level position in total reward are salary administrators, compensation analysts and benefits administrators. They all have various responsibilities to perform in organization. The Job title in specialized area with example are compensation and administrative services specialist, benefit analysts.

D). Employee and Labour relations: The entry level position include labour relations specialist, plan personnel assistant or employee relations specialist. Their main work is to maintain relation between workers and labour. Job titles in different area are performance management specialist, manager or director, manager of labour relation, etc.

E). Risk management:  It includes safety specialist and their responsibilities are development and administering health and safety programs, conducting safety inspections, etc.  Job titles are safety officers, risk management specialist or manager.

So in this article we will discuss about Meaning of Human Resource Management and  various Job opportunities available in Human Resource area. For any query comment below.

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