Concept of Organizing: Meaning, Definition, Importance and Process

In this article we will discuss about Concept of Organizing: Meaning, Definition, Importance and Process.


In business organization, the first step is to think is advance what to do, how to do and for whom it has been done that is called as planning. After planning, organizing is next step in which Different activities are identified and grouping in organization which helps in bringing together Physical, Financial and human resources. It helps business organization to achieve its goals in effective and efficient manner.


  1. Henry Fayol –

“To organize a business is to provide it with every useful to its functioning; raw materials, machine and tools, capital and personnel”.

  1. R.Terry –

“Organising is the establishing of effective authority relationship among selected work, persons and work places in order for the group to work together efficiently”.


  1. Specialization: Organizing process is specialized in nature because in this step each and every role is assigned to different individuals who are specialized in their different field.
  2. Role clarity: In organizing process the role is individuals are defines clearly which doesn’t create confusion. This role/job is defined in written that are called as job description.
  3. Optimum utilization of resources: Organizing leads to proper utilization of all material, financial and human resource.
  4. Clarity in working relationship: In organizing process the work of every individual is defined individually and it also defines that who is to report to whom.

Process of Organizing

  1. Identification and division of work: Organizing process started with the identification of work in organization and division of that work into small units. Each unit of work is assigned to different person for getting working done.

  1. Grouping the jobs and Departmentalization: After identification and division of work when the work is assigned in small units that are called as job and organization maintain department of specialized work. It can be divided into two departments are:

   # Functional

   # Divisional

  1. Assignment of Duties: It is necessary to allocate work to various employees and the work is assigned to employees according to skills and qualification.

  1. Establishing Reporting Relationship: It is the lat process in organizing process after assignment of duties to individuals. After completion of their work they prepare final report and submit to their executive.

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