Concept of Selection : Meaning and its Process

In  this article we will study about Concept of Selection : Meaning and its Process. we will discuss about Selection, what it mean and process of it. Also discuss about stages which comes under selection process and how it is helpful for an organization in selection process.

Meaning of Selection :

Selection can be  defined as a process in an organisation which helps to select most suitable candidate to fill up the vacant job positions in an organisation. Selection process is  considered as negative process because number of selected candidates are less then number of rejected candidates. It is the end  function of an organisation  and select the no of candidates.Selection process perform various steps are :

                  SELECTION PROCESS
                    Preliminary screening

                        Selection Test

                   Employment interview

                   Checking references

                   Selection Decisions.

                  Medical examination

                       Job Offer

                Contract of employment

1). Preliminary Screening – 

Preliminary screening is the first step in the selection process and it is a first round which is conducted by internal manager of an organisation. No professional experts or specialised people are invited to take an interview. In preliminary screening  they just ask general questions related to job or person status and this round is conducted to check the confidence level of candidate and find out that candidate  can answer  the questions when asked.

2). Selection Test

 An organisation conduct written examination to check  practical knowledge of candidate and test are depends on organisation. The commom tests conducted by the organisations are :

  1.  Intelligence test –   Intelligence test is conducted by an organisation to check efficiency level of the employees in performing particular job and also testing ability of employees.
  2. Aptitude test –  This test is conducted to find out the potential of learning   new job in the candidate. It also find out, how quickly the candidate can learn new skills and new methods and it testing that how candidate performance in future.
  3. Personality test – Personality test is conducted to find out behaviour of  the candidate. This test relates to  intelligence, aptitude, attitude and interest  of the candidate.
  4. Trade test – This test is conducted to check the basic knowledge  and  skills of candidate related to vacant job position. If candidate has no basic ideas then he is not allow to go further in selection process.
  5. Interest test – This test is conducted to find out candidate interest and they select candidate on the basis of interest in job.

3). Employment Interview – 

The candidate who qualify  the written test are selected for an interviews. In interview round some experts are they to take an interview and some question related to jobs.

4). Checking the references and background –

  In application form they asked candidate to fill two references. If candidate qualify interview then they check background and references of the candidate.

5). Selection decision – 

The candidates who pass test, interview and references checks are included in selection list  and manager select some suitable candidates from list .

6). Medical examination –  

Before giving appointment letter to candidate, they send candidate for medical checkup.

7). Job offers – 

Those candidates who clear medical test are giving appointment letter  and letter contains date of joining, terms and conditions of job , etc.

8). Contract of employees – 

When candidate accepts the job offers  it refers to signing the contract of employment . While signing on contract they submit their document along with appointment letter.

After selection process , candidates joining their job as per terms and conditions.

So we studied the concept of selection and got to know how the selection process works. What are the different stages involved in selection process in an organisation. If you have any query please let us know in the comments section.

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