Indian Capital Market : Meaning, Importance, Instruments , Primary and secondary Market

In this article we will discuss about Indian Capital Market : Meaning, Importance, Instruments , Primary and secondary Market.

indian capital market notes

Meaning of Capital Market :

Capital Market is a place where long term funds are raised through trade on debt and equity securities.Capital Market also known as securities market, and it deals in long term loan. It supplies with fixed and working capital and long term and  medium term borrowing.

Importance of Capital Market :

indian capital market notes

1). Mobilizing saving

2).Providing capital market

3).Economic development

4).Encouragement of Investment

5). Encouragement of savings

⇒ Difference between Primary and Secondary Market :

            Basis                                                          Primary Market               Secondary Market                                                  
Meaning Primary market is a place where new shares are issues or it is a market for new shares   Secondary market is a place of trading of existing shares
Types of Purchasing                           Direct              Indirect
Imtermediary                           Underwriters              Brokers

Instruments of Capital Market :

   Treasury bills
 Foreign exchange
   Fixed deposits


Security Market is a place where securities are buy and sell between subject of economy.

Role of SEBI [ Security Exchange Board of India ]

  • SEBI controls capital market
  • SEBI also protect interest on investors
  • Opening New stock exchange in india
  • Power to make rules for controlling stock exchange
  • Providing licence to dealers and brokers
  • Stop frauds in capital market

So we have discussed Indian Capital Market : Meaning, Importance, Instruments , Primary and secondary Market. For any query comment below.

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