Concept of Management -Meaning ,Definition,Features, Objectives and Importance

In this article we will discuss about Concept of Management -Meaning ,Definition,Features, Objectives and Importance.

Meaning of Management

concept of management


Management is a process of an organisation in which things has been done in proper manner with the objective of achieving organisational goal.

It is also known as internal environment of an organisation where individuals working in group effectively and efficiently to achieve goal of an organisation.

MANAGEMENT was defined as :

1). Management is the art of getting things done through others”.                                                   –                           Mary Parker Follett

2). Management is establishing an effective environment for people operating in formal organisational group”.          -Koontz and O’Donnell

3). Management is the coordination of all resources through the process of planning, organizing,directing, and controlling in order to attain stated objectives”.               -F.W.Taylor

Characteristics or Features of Management :

1. Goal oriented process :- Management  always having goal oriented process because it aims at achieving the organisational objectives.

2.Multidimensional :- management doesn’t include single activity .It include three activities:

(a) Management of work.




(b) Management of people.



(c) Management of operations.




3. Continuous Process :-

The functions of management are performed continuously, it never ends .

4. Group Activity :-

The work of the management is not done by individuals it has been done in groups.

5. Intangible :-

The functions of the management cant be seen but it can be felt.

Concept of Management -Meaning ,Definition,Features, Objectives and Importance


1. Organisational objectives :- The organisational objective includes prosperity and growth of the organisation.Generally it assumed that main objective of  organisation is profit maximization but its not true

The three important objectives are :

(a). Survival

(b). Profit

(c). Growth

2. Social objectives :

(a). Economic wealth generation.

(b). Financial support to community.

(c). Generate employment opportunities.

(d). Supply quality  product at reasonable price.

3. Personal objective :-

(a). Competitive salary.

(b). Development and personal growth.

(c). Peer recognition

(d). Social recognition.

(e). Good and healthy working conditions.

management meaning definition


1. Achieving organisational goal.

2. Improve efficiency.

3. Development of society..

4. Brings harmony in work

5. Achieving personal objective

So we have discussed the Concept of Management -Meaning, Definition,Features, Objectives and Importance. If you have any query please let us know in the comments section below.



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